When I was in my teens, I loved to dress up but due to my size, it was really hard to find apparel that fits me. It had always been a headache when it came to Chinese New Year celebration. Teen apparels never had my size and I had to visit the women department that provides me bigger size but more matured design. Slowly, I developed low self-esteem, not only in dressing up but also, in other areas of my life.
At Voycestas plus, we want to make everyone feel indifferent and unique. (Yes, it sounded a little contradicting). Firstly, Voycestas Plus manufactures apparel that we design or recreate. We believe solely in manufacturing as we could control the quality, fabric and the cut. The cut plays an important role in making sure that our dresses are complimenting to our plus size body. Our designs are our edge , making whoever that buys our dresses unique. We ensure that plus size ladies get the fashion that a normal size enjoy!
It all started with "unhappiness" . I was unhappy with the existing sales job that I was doing and having to handle my 1st newborn. It gave me a lot of stress which slowly led me to depression. Thankfully, someone brought me and my hubby to church and I started asking God to show me a direction. I started thinking about what I can do and I thought how nice would it be if I could help to build self-esteem of others who maybe like me, through dressing and eventually, bringing happiness to them.
Voycestas plus aims to build back individual plus size's self-esteem. We don't encourage anyone to have a "hack it" attitude and dress what they want. We believe in designs that suits plus size, no matter it's a bodycon, maxi, romper and etc.
We want to empower plus size ladies out there to feel indifferent from anyone.
Lastly, plus size can be fashionable. Be confident once again with Voycestas Plus